Shuten Doji - The drunken Oni king



 In the 11th century in the capital of Heian there was a string of people missing in the region of Mt. Ōe.

  After the emperors inquiries the oracle found out through his divinations that young

noblewomen had been abducted by demons, under command of their oni king Shuten Dōji.

  The oni king, Shuten Dōji, was a giant over fifty feet tall. And with his red body and five-horned head; the epitome of demonic appearance.

  The emperor commanded famed warriors Raikō and Hōshō to assemble men to conquer the demons. Alarmed at the emperors request to defeat such powerful demons, the warriors pray for good fortune and success at four separate shrines.

  On their way to the oni's lair, their faith was rewarded, as they encounter four deities disguised as priests. The old priests advised the warriors to disguise themselves as mountain priests, as well as giving Raikō an enchanted helmet and poisoned sake to give the demon.

 At a river on the mountain, the group come across an old woman, who had been abducted by the oni.She tells them the horrific things Shuten Dōji and his band of oni do to the kidnapped maidens. They force the maidens into servitude and at the whim of any oni, face dismemberment, have their flesh devoured and blood gorged on.

  Warned and prepared, the warriors in disguise enter the demon's mountaintop palace.

  The group lie to Shuten Dōji that they are but a band of lost mountain priests, looking for a place to stay the night.

  Upon hearing this, Shuten Dōji happily invites them to stayand entertained them with stories from the past as well as offered them unknown flesh to eat and blood-mixed sake to drink. As thanks Raikō offers him the poisoned sake, which caused the band of oni to fall drunk asleep and Shuten Dōji to retire to his bedchamber.

 After they take out all the other oni in the room, they search for Shuten Dōji's bedchamber in his palace where the splendour of heaven and the torment of hell coexist.

  When they finally find his bedchamber, there Shuten Dōji layed on his bed in a drunken slumber. As all the warriors hold each of his limbs, Raikō cut of his head.

  Even with his head swirling in the air, it tries to go for Raikō's head. But thankfully, to his enchanted helmet, the bite cannot go through.

  With all the oni dead and the surviving captives freed, they return home with Shuten Doji's head, where it was placed in the Treasure house of Uji for good luck to the capital.