Hey guys! Thank you for taking a moment to read a few words about who we are and what we're doing. Oni is a duo between two people that share a fascination about Japanese culture and history. One active in the tattooing world, the other in retail. You see where I'm going with this?
We've all seen those cool Japanese prints with the crazed looking samurai, the hannya mask, demons and dragons from the 'ukiyo-e' woodblock prints or fully tattooed yakuza. Or have we?
It's an amazingly beautiful and bizarre world filled with curiosities and insights into a culture so out of reach. It's exploration is difficult, but fun and rewarding in the end. The Japanese myths and legends depicted in their folklore are a huge source of inspiration for all the artistic mediums you can imagine, not only from Japan but for the last decades, all over the world. Tattoo artists everywhere are inspired by the craftsmanship of their Japanese counterparts, including our half of Oni Apparel.
Japanese tattooing has such a unique approach to the craft, something not seen in the other schools. It looks at the body as whole, a scenery with elements carefully placed, bound by one fluent massive background to create a suit that tells ones tale and who he is. The sheer size of these massive pieces imposes respect. Vivid colors, striking figures, an amazing balance between fierce and delicate, a truly awe-inspiring sight.
Our vision is to bring our experiences together and through Oni Apparel to share our passion for the Japanese arts, myths and legends. Bringing together what we do best, we strive to create garments that uphold a high standard of quality. We offer products that respect people, the environment and our customers. Giving great attention to quality, comfort and durability we make sure that all our products meet our strict criteria.
Fashion, branding? Sure... Why not. But that's not the goal. You won't find us chasing the latest trend, but more towards giving you something you feel comfortable in and can wear every day. We want to create something true and authentic. Inspired by the curious and the strange, with a little twist, we hope to create something unique for your wardrobe.
We hope you enjoy our journey through this beautiful world!
Live with your demons!